Booking information


Individual bookings:

Quick link - Start booking request or just check availability - Forest Lane Lodge Room - individual bookings (will open in a new window)


IMPORTANT: Please only choose 'Booking type' of Faith Group, Start-up group or Community group if you have already been approved by Newham Libraries. Definitions and application form links of each group can be found at the main Room Hire page. 

Choosing the incorrect 'Booking type' may lead to a delay in booking or even lost bookings.


    • Use the instructions below to send a provisional individual bookings request. 
    • Note: each booking will be created individually and when the booking is confirmed and approved by library staff, a seperate email for each booking will be sent to the provided email address allowing each booking to be paid for independently.
    • If you are looking to book multiple times (for example, more than 4 times) and pay in weekly or monthly installments for a group of bookings, we suggest using the 'Multiple repeat bookings' method.  

Instructions for single bookings

      1. Click the 'Book now' button for the required room, after clicking the Forest Lane Lodge - individual bookings  link (will open in a new window) 
      2. Scroll down and choose either to Log in with your library card or Book as Guest (no library card required. Valid email required)
      3. After entering the information into all relevant fields on the form, click 'Add Booking' to send the pending booking to the library team.


Multiple Repeat Bookings:

  • Multiple repeat bookings - If you would prefer to ‘Bulk’ book multiple repeat sessions and discuss alternate payment frequency e.g. monthly payments, please use the link below to email the library to discuss the repeat bookings dates and times - Multiple repeat bookings query 
  • If you have any problems with the link above, please just email [email protected] directly with the subject 'Repeat booking query' and ensure your email contains a contact name and phone number as well as first date of booking, number of bookings and the frequency (daily, weekly, etc). Staff will then be in touch to collect the remaining booking information.

Forest Lane Lodge Information

Address: Forest Lane Park, Magpie Close, E7 9DE


Hire enquiry email: [email protected]


Phone: tel: 020 3373 0856



Tables and chairs. Kitchen.  


Room Capacity - Layout dependent. Please discuss with staff



Up to 6 spaces available in the car park. 


Accessible to wheelchair



Accessible toilets



Venue Map