Well Newham


Well Newham


Helping everone in Newham to live well.


Supporting you with your health and wellbeing. Many of us need a little help to be healthier. Visit the Well Newham website and in-person Hubs to get support and find out what’s happening near you.


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We all have things we could do to be healthier, e.g. being more active, stopping smoking and connecting with others


Whatever it is, Well Newham is here to connect you with the things that will support you to be as healthy as you want to be and the things that matter to you. 


From June 2023, Well Newham is bringing together everything in one place to help you connect with a range of health and wellbeing services and activities in Newham. 


As part of Well Newham, we will:

  • Be inclusive in everything that we do so everyone can be involved.
  • Work with you on your strengths, interests and things that matter to you. 
  • Make sure we check if what we’re doing is working and keep improving how we do things.
  • Be preventative so that you are supported to address the root causes of illness (e.g. healthy eating and stopping smoking).

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