Please be aware the Fines amnesty will be coming to an end on 31st March. Please remember to always renew or return items on or before their due dates to avoid overdue fines. Thank you.


Library Fees & Charges From 2nd Apr 2024
Book/CD late fines by day 24p
DVD late charge by day 35p
DVD hire  £0.00

Photocopying A4 Black & White

East Ham only


Photocopying A3 Black & White

East Ham only

Black and White Printing (per page) £0.20

Lost/Damaged Items

Full Cost of item(s)
British Library Loans £15.00
Headphones £1.00
Replacement card 19-59 No cost
Replacement card (Children, Teens, under18, Senior and Disabled) No cost
Fee for Newham Library members reserving items on the Newham catalogue No cost