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Discover your family history and build a family tree with the world's largest genealogy website. Search birth records, census data, obituaries and more! Start discovering today. Click on the banner or the heading to access Ancestry. 


Find My Past


At Findmypast, we want to inspire as many people as possible to explore their family history. We believe that understanding your past has the power to change your future and it's important to convey that in everything we do.
Findmypast allows customers to connect to people, both past and present, and visualise their family story in more detail than ever before. 
How it works

To register to use FindmyPast within the Library click 'register' link.



British Newspaper Archive


The British Newspaper Archive is a partnership between the British Library and Findmypast to digitise millions of newspaper pages from the British Library's vast collection.
How it works

As access is via Libraries users must register and create their own accounts and users can register their own account at this link-
Once your account has been created you will then have access to the entire archive.